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Mom S04E15 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

Mom S04

Season 04, Episode 15 – “Night Swimmin’ and an English Muffin”
Bonnie discovers Adam is still close to his former wife (Wendie Malick), causing Christy to worry that the fallout might jeopardize Bonnie’s sobriety.

Powerless S01E04 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

Powerless S01

Season 01, Episode 4 – “Emily Dates a Henchman”
After being urged by her team, Emily sets her sights on the dating world but unknowingly falls for one of the Riddler’s henchmen. Meanwhile, Teddy and Ron find a Batman artifact and discover Van’s superhero fantasy.

Supernatural S12E13 720p HDTV x264-DIMENSION

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

Supernatural S12

Season 12, Episode 13 – ”Family Feud”
Sam and Dean investigate a murder at a museum and learn a ghost from a merchant ship that sank in 1723 may be at the heart of the mystery. They also realize the ship is the same one that Crowley’s son Gavin should have been aboard, so they enlist help from Rowena to track Gavin down. Meanwhile, Kelly Kline, still pregnant with Lucifer’s child, takes refuge with a demon after an angel tries to kill her.

The Great Indoors S01E14 720p HDTV X264-FLEET

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

The Great Indoors S01

Season 01, Episode 14 – “Friends Like These”
Jacks attends a dinner party with his girlfriend and asks the millenials to act as his inner circle of friends so his girlfriend doesn’t get concerned.

How to Get Away with Murder S03

Season 03 , Episode 14 – “He Made a Terrible Mistake”
In the first part of a combined Season 3 finale, a new angle in the DA’s case forces Annalise to change her strategy, and the Keating 4 react to a revelation about Wes’ death.

Superstore S02E15 720p HDTV x264-SVA

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

Superstore S02 TV
Season 02, Episode 15 – “Wellness Fair”
A wellness fair is sponsored by Cloud 9. Meanwhile, Amy witnesses Mateo on a secret date with Jeff, then ultimately creates chaos for multiple relationships. Also, Glenn resents Jonah for outshining him, and Dina tries to prove Amy faked an illness.

The Big Bang Theory S10

Season 10, Episode 17 – “The Comic-Con Conundrum”
Without financial backing from his father, Raj finds himself in a cash crunch and turns to Sheldon to help him get his head above water. Meanwhile, Penny considers crashing the guys’ annual Comic-Con getaway.

Greys Anatomy S13E14 720p HDTV X264-DIMENSION

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment TV Series

Greys Anatomy S13

Season 13, Episode 14 – “Back Where You Belong”
Alex returns to work and is greeted with many changes at the hospital. Meanwhile, Jo must make a tough call on a case; and Arizona tries to put some space between herself and Eliza.

Motorsport Manager GT Series-CODEX

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 1 Comment Games

Motorsport Manager GT Series-CODEX

The GT Pack brings a fresh and exciting challenge, expanding our world of motorsport to the thrilling environment of closed-wheel racing! Managers can fight it out in two series, the proving ground of the GT Challenger Series and the prestigious International GT Championship, with both championships populated with new teams, drivers and staff. Our beautiful GT cars utilise the brand new Energy Recovery System, which is a real game-changer. As the car moves around the track, it harvests energy, which managers can decide to use in two ways: Hybrid mode, which saves fuel, or Power mode, which gives your car an huge surge of energy, allowing for dramatic overtakes and defences of a position.

Dont Knock Twice 2016 720p BluRay x264-JustWatch

Posted by KenWatch February - 24 - 2017 0 Comment Movies

Dont Knock Twice 2016

The sculptor Jess unsuccessfully tries to retrieve the custody of her teenage daughter Chloe. During the night, Chloe and her boyfriend Danny play a prank challenging an urban legend: and they knock twice on the door of the witch Mary Aminov. Soon Danny is hunted down by a fiend and vanishes. When Chloe is haunted by the evil spirit, she flees to the house of her estranged mother and her husband Ben to stay with her mother. Soon the demon finds her and haunts the house while Ben is traveling. Jess’ model Tira sees darkness around Chloe and she researches the Internet about the mystery. Meanwhile Detective Boardman is investigating the disappearance of Danny and suspects Jess is manipulating her troubled daughter.